County Meet Information

Click here for information about the county meet on Saturday and Monday at Mill Creek


March 24, 2018 @ Mill Creek

EARLY SESSION (9-2:30) – Varsity field events, JV running events, and varsity 1600 (girls followed by boys)

9:00       B            DT Varsity Fields  - Bronaugh, Kim                        

G            SP – Brown, Joseph

B            HJ – Dubois, Weddington

B            LJ-Red Runway – Downs, Weddington

G            LJ-Gold Runway – Alexis Kitchens, M.Jones

9:00       G            3200 JV - Cousin                                                          

9:20       B            3200JV – Dzikowski, Wegmet

9:35       B            3200JV **

9:50                      4x100m Relay JV- Girls 1: A Hope, S Harrison, G Guerrero, L Sims Girls 2: Boys 1: Jarvis Cunningham, Gipson, Edwards, Anderson (Alt: Wainwright); Boys 2: Carter, Walters, Parker, Auson (Alt: Stewart)

10:30                    1600m Run Varsity Final G, B Girls: Fowler, Ursprung; Boys: Lawrence, Murphy

11:00                    400m Dash JV – Girls: Robertson, Wagner; Boys: Duque, Gipson

11:00     G            DT – Brown, Lorusso

               G            TJ-Gold Runway – Aliah Kitchens, C Uwagerikpe

B            SP – Kim, Walters

G            HJ – Uwagerikpe, M. Jones

G            PV-Red Pit – Forren, Worthington

B            PV-Blue Pit – Sheridan, Agrinsoni

B            TJ-Red Runway – Downs, Joseph

11:25                    100m JV – Girls: McMichael, Sims; Boys: Anderson, Jarvis Cunningham

11:45                    100m Hurdles JV: Girls: Posey, Wilmot

12:00                    110m Hurdles JV: Boys: A. Wainwright

12:15                    800m Run JV ** - Girls: Hambacker, Snyder; Boys: Maron, Streleckis

12:40                    200m Dash JV – Girls: Harrison, Sims; Boys: Jarvis Cunningham, Gipson

1:00                      300m Hurdles JV – Girls: McMichael, Wilmot; Boys: Brown, McCrary

1:45                      4x400m Relay JV – Girls: A) Lilly Belcher, Hanne Stahmer, Gracielle Guerrero, Alexis Wilmot (Alt: Mya Drummond, Sarah Huff) B) Hannah Jones, Reese Robertson, Lily Gowen, Hannah Dupree (Alt. Rilyn Wagner, Valeria Polo)

LATE SESSION (2:15-7:30) – JV Field, varsity running (girls followed by boys)

2:30                      4x100m Relay V - Girls 1: S.Hope, Aliah Kitchens, M.Jones, A.Kitchens; Girls 2 – Phillips, Saint-Amour, Uwagerikpe, Hammers; Boys 1: Downs, C Wainwright, Weddington, Javonni Cunningham Boys 2: Riley, Dotson, Powell, Joseph Alt: N Christian

B            JV DT   - J. Huang, White            

G            JV SP – Chovanic, Odejimi

B            JV HJ – Hopkins, Pascual

G            JV PV-Red Pit – Cheek, Ventimiglia

B            JV PV-Blue Pit – Rivord; Sorto

B            JV LJ-Red Runway – Anderson, Hopkins

G            JV LJ-Gold Runway – Guerrero, Sims

3:10                      Varsity 4x8 final              - Girls 1: Pinkerton, Melkerson, Ursprung, Fowler; Girls 2: Kulzer, S.Jones, Mazurek, Kuchvalek; Boys 1: Eidex, Sheridan, Daniell, McClimans; Boys 2: Murphy, MacDonald, Cato, Lawrence     

3:40                      400m Dash V – Girls: Hope, Saint-Amour; Boys: Hinson, Powell

4:05                      100m Dash V – Girls: Kitchens, Kitchens; Boys: Javonni Cunningham, C. Wainwright

4:25                      100m Hurdles V – Girls: M. Jones

4:30       G            DT – Scott, Veraart

B            SP – Carr, Haller

G            HJ – Gowens, Harrison

               B            TJ-Red Runway – no entries

               G            TJ-Gold Runway – Hall, Harrison

4:40                      110m Hurdles V –Boys: Christian, Riley

5:05                      800m Run V – Girls: Fowler, Pinkerton; Boys – Eidex, McClimans

5:30                      200m Dash V – Girls: Hope, Aliah Kitchens; Boys – Javonni Cunningham, Downs

5:50                      300m Hurdles V – Girls: Alexis Kitchens; Uwagerikpe; Boys: Christian, C. Wainwright

6:10                      4X 800 JV Final – Girls 1: Hambacker, Wagner, Gowens, Snyder; Girls 2: Huizer, Adams, Lynskey, Song (Alt: Quinn); Boys 1: Duque, Vacha, Streleckis, Maron; Boys 2: Dzikowski, Dryden, Teav, Kuchvalek (Alt:

6:40                      4x400m Relay V Girls 1: S Hope, Saint-Amour, Aliah K, Alexis K Alt: Pinkerton, Lindsey

                              Boys 1: Hinson, Powell,, Christian, C Wainwright Alt: Weddington, Boys 2: MacDonald,

                              Javonni, McClimans, Dotson Alt; Riley, Joseph







Monday March 26th –Finals @ Mill Creek (girls followed by boys)




4:30                      4x100m Relay

4:40                      JV 1600 Final – Girls: Hambacker, Snyder; Boys: Dryden, Maron

5:10                      400m Dash

5:20                      100m Dash

5:30                      100m Hurdles

5:40                      110m Hurdles

5:50                      800m Run –

6:10                      200m Run

6:25                      300m Hurdles

6:40                      Girls 3200 M* - Kulzer, Melkerson

Boys 3200m Run Varsity * - Lawrence

7:15                      4x400m Relay



·        Weather permitting if we run ahead, we will not start more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule

·        Time changes will be adjusted according to weather, with announcements made.

·        Awards will be given out after the field event is completed or running final please instruct athletes to move to the awards stand from the finals.  Weather permitting.

·        * Split 3200’s if over 30 competitors