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Alexis and Aliah Kitchens, under the tutelage of Coach Von Ross, broke not one but two school records on Thursday night at the FAT All Comers Meet.  Alexis made her mark in the long jump, clearing a distance of 17'7" This eclipsed the old mark by 3.5 inches and represents her third individual school record as she already owns the 100m and 200m records.  Her sister Aliah Kitchens did her damage in the triple jump clearing a distance of 35'4.75".  These two young ladies have made a tremendous impact on the North Gwinnett program and there's more yet to come.  Several other athletes also had big nights at the FAT All Comers meet as well.  

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Looking at add new meet on 2/22 at Mill Creek

We are looking at adding a new meet on 2/21 at Mill Creek HS with Mill Creek and Dacula for those that are not on the roster to run at Parkview.  A lot of that will depend on whether or not we can secure transportation.  We will keep you posted!

Please make sure that you log into rankonesport.com to update your forms

Use the following link to ensure that you have all of your forms filled out on RankoneSport so that you can compete this week.  Our practice time trial will be this week on Wednesday. https://north-gwinnett.rankonesport.com/New/Home.aspx

If you need to update your physical, then use the following link.  http://www.northgwinnettathletics.com/userfiles/files/Physical%202.pdf

School Records...which one will fall next?

North Gwinnett Track and Field

School Records





Kevin Starks (2008) 10.84

Alexis Kitchens (2017) 12.39


Kevin Starks (2008) 21.93

Alexis Kitchens (2017) 25.46


Jeramey Jampton (2015) 47.80

Natalie Raia (2014) 57.88


Jeramey Hampton (2015) 1:50.93

Danielle Shaurette (2005) 2:16.66


Andrew Littig (2012) 4:23.77

Kathleen Turchin (2003) 5:07.14


Spencer Bradham (2013) 9:53.14

Kathleen Turchin (2003) 10:54.88

100/110 Hurdles

Nasir Christian (2017) 14.62

Megan Kimble (2013) 14.88

300m Hurdles

Jordan Thomas (2014) 39.77

Megan Kimble (2013) 45.11

4x100m Relay

Turner, Starks, Crawford, Baker (2008) 42.72

Mule, Fleetwood, Spencer, Jenkins (2010) 48.08

4x200m Relay

Gary, Appling, Buice, Hines (2002) 1:33.17

Wiley, Neal, Murray, Mason (1999) 1:47.90

4x400m Relay

Hampton, Thomas, Rooke, Bramblett (2014) 3:19.14

Kimble, A. Raia, N. Raia, Toomer (2013) 3:59.82

4x800m Relay

Jones, Hampton, Bradham, Littig (2012) 7:59.04

Yum, Melkerson, Pinkerton, Fowler (2017) 9:42.86

4x1600m Relay

Kaas, Drankin, Williams, Luna (2006) 18:45.60

Melkerson, Egg, Ursprung, Fowler (2017) 21:29.05

4x3200m Relay



Sprint Medley

Weddington, Bramblett, Rooke, Hampton (2014) 1:32.11

Yum, Kitchens, Anderson, Scott (2017) 1:48.97

Mile Medley

Littig, Johnson, Sims, Crawford (2010) 3:42.31

Spencer, Fleetwood, Dimercurio, Howell (2009) 4:21.16

Distance Medley

Littig, Varner, Jones, Bradham (2013) 11:01.47

Hoyos, Howell, Serres, Dimercurio (12:50.41)

Shot Put

Kibwe Johnson (1999) 53’3”

Laura Nichols (2002) 39’ 1.75”


Kibwe Johnson (1999) 185’10”*

Laura Nichols (2002) 122’00”

High Jump

John Paul Harley (2014) 6’10”

Cheryl Celis (1998) 5’4”

Kortney Easterley (2005) 5’4”

Long Jump

John Paul Harley (2014) 22’4.5”

Chelsea Spencer (2011) 17’3.5”

Triple Jump

Malcolm Jackson (2012) 48’1.5”

Jolie Efezokhae (2003) 35’3.5”

Pole Vault

Jeremy Geigle (1992) 15’2.5”

Kelsey Worthington (2018) 11’07”

Spiritwear and Uniform Time!!!

If you need the link information for ordering uniforms, go to the uniform page or use the following links.

Women's link to order:    https://goo.gl/forms/GGuiNacTXhwWZ7232

Men's link to order:  https://goo.gl/forms/V0iZpaKi6yxlQ1am1

Paypal Link:  http://paypal.me/NGHSTF

We need your help this year.  While we don't have an ambitious home meet schedule, we have a few needs that we hope to address this year and an organized and motivated support group will make that happen!  Hope to see you there!!

Coach Yike

Coach Rowland


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Tentative Schedule for 2018!

The Varsity and JV Track Schedules have been updated for the 2018 Season.  This meet schedule is tentative as we are still working out a date for the Gary Billion Invitational in February.  We're looking forward to a great season!  Get ready and we'll see you soon!

Pre-Conditioning starts Oct. 23rd!

Time to get ready for 2018!

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